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Family Fun at the Golf Garden Destin

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golf garden destin

Golfing is a big part of the Destin experience. Of course, if you’re traveling with your entire family, you can’t exactly take them to the Kelly Plantation Golf Club or one of the other top courses, especially if you have small kids. After all, the kids don’t quite have the attention span for 18 holes on a championship course and the other patrons may not enjoy the kids running around. Fortunately, you can still get your golf in during your vacation. Simply go to the Golf Garden Destin. This family golf center is perfect for people of all ages.

The Courses

The Golf Garden Destin has two courses. First, there is a 9 hole executive golf course. This course has 7 par 3s and 2 par 4s. It is an excellent place for the kids to learn the skills that go with golf. At the same time, you can still get a good game in during your vacation. This really does off the best of both worlds.

The Golf Garden Destin also has an 18 hole putting course. This is a lot of fun for the entire family. You can work on your short game and your kids will have a chance to make it in each time. Everyone will be happy.

Other Features

The Golf Garden Destin also has a 10 acre driving range. You can purchase small, medium, or large buckets of balls for the range. In addition, you can rent pull carts, carts, and clubs from the Golf Garden Destin.

The Golf Garden Destin is a great way to get in a game of golf without having to leave the kids at your Destin condo. Load the entire family in the car and head on over. You will have a lot of fun on the course with your family and your kids might even learn a thing or two about golf.



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