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Play a Round at Indian Bayou

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If you want to enjoy Destin golf at its finest, play a round at the Indian Bayou Golf Club. This club has some of the top golf in Destin, so you will not be disappointed. Plus, it has three separate courses to choose from, so you can find the perfect course for your playing style.

Let’s take a look at each of the three Destin golf courses available at the Indian Bayou Golf Club. Then, you will be ready to schedule your tee time.

Choctaw Course

First, you can play at the Choctaw Course. This nine hole course is all about distance. It only has two par-3 tees on the entire course so you need to be able to hit the ball a good distance. Of course, whacking the ball down the fairway isn’t enough. Placement is also incredibly important on this Destin golf course. If you don’t place the ball correctly, you will spend the majority of your game in trouble.

Creek Course

The Creek Course is another great option. This course is known for its natural hazards, including one hole that has water on both sides of the fairway. You will come across a couple of good chances to birdie on this Destin golf course so if you want to have a great score and admire natural beauty at the same time, schedule a tee time for the Creek Course.

Seminole Course

The Seminole Course is kwon for its wide fairways. Don’t get too relaxed with the forgiving fairways, though, since water comes into play on four of the course’s nine holes. This Destin golf course is also known for its large greens.

When you play at Indian Bayou Golf Club, you have the chance to play on three distinct courses. These courses will allow you to test your skills and have the time of your life out on the golf course. 

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