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Destin Snorkel

Destin looks gorgeous from the white sand beaches. You can gaze out from the beach and see emerald green waters, blue skies, and lots of beauty. It looks even better when you get below the surface of the water. If you want to see everything that Destin has to offer below the water, take a snorkeling tour with Destin Snorkel.

Two Stop Snorkeling Tour with Destin Snorkel

Destin Snorkel offers the Two Stop tour. This tour lasts for three hours and gives people the chance to see a variety of ecosystems.

The tour takes people through the bay waters and the jetties. While in the bay waters, people will see small fish, sea horses, and lots of crabs. They will also see some baby shrimp. This is a great way to get introduced to the marine life in Destin.

Then, in the jetties, people will see schools of small fish, along with a man-made rock structure. They can also use a single or double kayak in the jetties without paying any extra money. The kayak will allow you to explore the jetties and enjoy lots of great views.

There is a good chance you will spot some dolphin during your tour with Destin snorkel. In addition, you will get to enjoy free soda and free bottled water during the tour.

Additional Tours

While Destin Snorkel is most known for its snorkeling tour, it also has SNUBA and shelling tours, as well as fireworks and dolphin cruises. All of these options make Destin Snorkel an excellent choice during your Destin vacation.

When it comes to snorkeling, Destin Snorkel is probably the most popular company in Destin. Book your tour early so they will save you a spot. Then, get ready to see all kinds of amazing marine life during your vacation. You will have an amazing time on your trip with Destin Snorkel.

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